Nature’s clean-up

Have you noticed how nature cleans up the environment? The ocean waves wash debris onto the beach. The wind blows smoke away and disperses it.

Look at the animals around in nature. In Africa, for example, when lions make a kill and they feast until they are done, until the whole pride is fed. The hyenas and jackals come in and take their share. The vultures come and take their share. The insects that live off carrion come in and clean up. All that is left is bits of the skeleton that slowly weather away with the wind and rain. The bush is left clean.

Look around your backyard. Watch the ants clean up the dead insects. They carry them off to be consumed in their colony. I once watched, over a period of time, how the ants cleaned up a dead bird. Bit by bit, day by day, there was less and less of the bird until there was only a little pile of bones.

Fallen leaves from the trees slowly break down and become mulch in the soil, providing the necessary minerals for future generations of all plants. You will find more and more earthworms, wood lice and other critters helping this process as the soil is slowly enriched. Don’t rake up and blow away all the fallen leaves, the earth needs them to replenish and renew. Nature left to her own devices keeps a pristine planet. Everything is in perfect harmony. We will not need chemical fertilizers anymore.

Humanity has forgotten all this. We pollute and plunder the earth, not caring for the damage we create. Yes we have sewage cleaned and recycled, but at what cost? The chemicals used in the process contaminate the water and the earth, the plants and us!

We manufacture plastic and metal goods that get discarded in a dump somewhere. We litter the streets. There was a time we built things to last, to be used for many years until they failed completely. Today we live in a throw-away society. Always looking for the next best thing and discarding the perfectly good one we have. I-phones, I-pads, cars, the list is endless. Have you seen the pictures of vast tracts of land filled with useless airplanes and cars? Why are they not recycled, metal melted down and reused? Why does it just lie there?

Just look around in the streets. Litter everywhere. Some places worse than others. Nature cannot recycle these things in a natural timely way. Bottles can lie in the same place for years without changing, without disintegrating and decomposing. Our modern inventions are not compatible to Gaia’s cycle. We are not recycling and reusing to make the load less. We just create more and more. Mountains of trash everywhere. Floating islands of trash in the oceans, killing and maiming the animals who are just trying to survive and live in harmony with Gaia.

We need to reassess and review our actions. We need to save the earth and ourselves. All the pollution in the air from exhaust fumes to factory smoke to radiation. All the pollution in the earth from spraying bugs in the garden to chemical dumps to fracking. Our environment is suffering from our careless actions. It is now time to stop, review and correct all our mistakes. We need to restore our earth so our descendents have something worthwhile to inherit. A safe place to live. A healthy lifestyle in harmony with all.

Please take the time to check your actions at home and away. How can you help restore your personal space? How can we, together, restore our beautiful home that is Gaia? She will die if we do not take care of her.


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