Toxic environment

Look around you. Look at the shelves in the store. Almost every product you see has harmful chemicals in it. From detergents to bugs sprays. We use them daily. Not only is it harming our health, but it is harming the environment too.

We wash them down the drain and they get circulated in the system. Sewers ‘clean’ the water with more chemicals and send it back to our homes for use. We use weed killers and bug sprays. All those toxins go into the soil. Farmers use them and the plants draw them up along with the water they need and they become contaminated. We eat them, the animals eat them. It is a dirty cycle of toxicity round and around.

Then we have the chemtrails. Many don’t believe they are harmful. The sky is streaked with toxins pumped out of the planes. It spreads into a haze and slowly sinks down to the earth. We breath it, aluminum particles, barium, radioactive thorium, dessicated blood, mold spores, fungus, just to name a few. We develop respiratory problems and the animals and plants suffer too.

So when we get ill from all these toxins, what do we do? We run off to the doctor and he prescribes medication to ‘heal’ us. What is in these medications? More chemicals! It is no wonder we have new crazy ailments that didn’t exist a few generations ago. Our children are suffering, our elders are suffering, we are suffering, as are all animals and plants.

It is time to put an end to all of this. Time to take the natural route. A little research and you will be amazed at how easy it is to keep our environment clean and toxin free. It is time to say no to GMO food, to toxic medication and cleaning supplies. It is time to claim a clean earth and restore the balance. Time to live clean and healthy.

Get out there and make a difference. You and your loved ones deserve it! We need to think of the future generations and not leave them a legacy of toxic soup.

Check the website by Gwen Olsen. Listen to what she has to say – she has worked for big pharma and she knows how serious the problem is. Take note and make the changes in your life and those around you. Go to the health shops and research the natural products and remedies, they are so much better for you and your environment.

In love and light


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