Gut instinct

When you have a dilemma, how do you try solve it? Chat to friends, make pro and con lists? Listen to your gut? Your gut instinct is your inner voice. It shows you the way, it gently directs you to your right path to what you ought to be doing. Use it for  small matters and life decisions.

I remember spending the day looking at houses that were open to view. I had my list and headed out. All went well until I had one more to look at. My gut shouted out to me “Go home now, it is enough” but I persisted, after all it was just one more! So as I was parking my car at the last house, I hit something and got a flat! I was warned not go to, I should have listened!

So listen to your inner voice, it knows!

You may be trying to decide between 2 jobs offers. Ask your gut which is right. Ask about one and feel what comes from inside, then ask about the other and feel what comes. Trust what comes to you. You could get a feeling of dread or something does not feel good. You know that is not the choice to make. You may feel calm and happy, that is the one!

Even when it seems totally weird, like changing your regular route. You may get a notion not to go down a particular road. Follow that instinct, don’t go! You probably will never know why, but trust your gut. It knows. It is your higher self watching over you, guiding you, keeping you safe.

Too many people have forgotten to do this, get too caught up in their techie world. Mishaps occur that could have been avoided, opportunities lost, new friends that could have been made get missed. In everything in your life, listen to your instinct.

If you are stuck in a difficult situation and feel desperate, take time to stop and connect to your higher self. Ask if you should walk away. Feel the response and act on it. You will feel like the weight of the world has been lifted. New doors will open and life will become happier. Trust your gut even if you don’t see the end result or the benefit of resolution straight away. It will all fall into place in good time.

How many of you have listened to your gut instinct when meeting a new person and the first impression makes all the alarm bells go off inside you, warning you to avoid them. It is easy to lose track of it when nothing happens for a while, even if some years may go by.

I have experienced it a couple of times, that first meeting where I recoiled from the person, felt that negative energy emitted by them.  When I mentioned it to others, they though I was crazy, “No, he/she is so nice, how can you say such a thing?” The feeling persisted every time I saw them and I waited, not saying anymore. Years down the road these people ‘proved’ themselves and all was revealed. Such a shock to others and totally expected by me. I listened to my instinct. I was cautious with those people.

Play close attention to what come to you. It can save you a lot of heartache and trouble. Your gut instinct is a valuable tool to you, no matter what or who, no matter if others think you are crazy, be aware and keep your focus. This is the way to bring harmony to your life. You will be happy and abundant, your health will improve and the world will feel like a better place.

In love and light


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