Opting Out

What makes people opt out of society? Some do the most drastic thing and take their lives and some just wander off and disappear.

I remember someone telling me about his son who had disappeared one day. He said he was going to the bank but never came back. He showed me his sons photograph on a missing person’s flyer he carries in his car. His son married a foreign lady who fell pregnant and became quite demanding. I think he initially felt sorry for her plight in her country of origin and wanted to help her, but he couldn’t keep up with her expenses and demands, so he left! I remembered the photograph and I swear I saw him one day, a homeless scruffy guy wandering the streets.

Robin Williams departure I think is one of the most shocking for his fans. What happened in his life? We will never know.

I believe we all think about opting out at some time or other. I know many times I felt I could just walk out the door and keep walking. What keeps us from doing something so drastic, what keeps us going and turning it all around? I guess it is our faith, our love for our family, our understanding that life has cycles and when we are down, there is only one way and that is up!

Again I say, we need to listen to our instinct, trust in our messages from our higher self and keep positive. Even when we can’t see a way through, we must trust that all will be well. What we think and say is what will manifest. God listens very closely to what we say and brings it to us.

If we constantly spout out negative thoughts, that is what we will manifest – ‘I am useless’ ‘I just can’t do it’ ‘I am a failure’ ‘If only I had more money/time…’ We have free choice and that is a choice.

The important thing is to keep our thoughts and words positive. God is listening! ‘Thank you for my new job/car/house….’ ‘I am perfect for the job’ ‘I am abundant’ ….

Keep giving the universe the greatness you believe you are and soon you will be living it. It may seem weird at first, but keep at it and soon you will feel lighter and happier. Things will start flowing your way and you will be living your dream.

Opting out is not an option and yes, I do understand that there are situations where a person has gone beyond the point of return. BUT, before you get anywhere near that point, tell the universe how great things are. Get out there and start creating what you seek. Thank the universe for all your success and abundance.

Life would be so good if we all lived that way!


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