We are one

Tomorrow is a cousin’s birthday. Funny how close we were all the years of our youth and now never a word! When I was back home recently, I saw another cousin of mine that I wasn’t all that close to. His brother and sister were closer. Yet now he is the one of the 3 that comes through. Wen he called one day, I didn’t recognize his voice and asked who that was. He said “your cousin” and I said ‘which one, I have many” His reply was quite pertinent – “the only one who cares” he said.

That is what it boils down to. Most people are so wrapped up in their own little worlds, they don’t take notice of the world around them. They don’t see what is happening in their own family circles, let alone what is happening on the planet. We only get to see each other when someone gets married or dies. Why not other times? Why not as much as when we were kids and had so much fun?

Are we all so engrossed in our tiny little worlds that we don’t care about the rest? It is no wonder the world is in a mess! We have no time for family, why on earth would we bother with the rest of the world?

They forget that we depend on the world, on Gaia, to sustain us. We depend on each other to share our expertise and talents. We should be a “well oiled functioning machine” all of us together. The world should be a harmonious happy place. A place where we all share and support one another. No greed nor hunger, as John Lennon wrote. We should be one big happy family. After all, we are all one in God. We are all part of the whole.

I guess we can blame so many people and things – the media, the governments, religion, the list is endless. BUT it all comes down to each of us individually. We need to dig down deep and find our hearts. We need to help and support one another, stand together for a peaceful  united world. Just look at the refugee crisis!

Will peace ever come? They say it is darkest before the dawn. Oh my! the world is in a very dark place right now! It feels like we will never achieve the peace and harmony that so many promise.

We all need to shine our light to others and trust that God knows best. We need to ride the storm hand in hand. Support each other through it all. There will be peace, maybe not in the near future, but it will come. We need to stand together – our light dispelling the darkness.

Our light together is stronger than any darkness. We are one with the Creator, we can, we will.

So mote it be


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