Tree Trimming

Recently I saw the arbor guys busy working on the Willow trees in the park. They were hacking off huge branches and leaving thick stumps protruding through the leaves. The poor trees look deformed and unbalanced!

For me, this is a big peeve!

I understand that trees need trimming from time to time, but they don’t seem to plan which branches to take off nor how to do it all without making the tree look ugly. Just look at the trees on the road side. So many are hacked every year to the point they develop gnarly thick lumps with spindly little branches trying to grow out of them. The tree fellers ruin the natural look of the trees and turn them into strange crooked monstrosities. How sad the trees must be to be deformed like that!

For that matter, what is it about ‘garden sculptures’ where people turn beautiful shrubs into twisted stems with leafy pompoms on the ends?  How humiliating for the shrubs and how ugly to look at!

My biggest peeve is that fact that they start the hack in Spring when the trees are coming back to life and pushing out new leaves, shoots and flowers. The birds are busy nesting as are the squirrels and other critters. Along come the tree guys and hack away, destroying the nests and the new life growing there. Don’t they think? Has it not occurred to them that Winter is the time everything is dormant. Surely that is the perfect time, before all the animals start nesting and reproducing?

Are we really so out of touch with nature?

I remember when the space shuttle was taken to LA to its final resting place. Hundreds of trees were chopped right down all along the route from the airport to the designated destination. All those beautiful trees gone! All that valuable photosynthesis and oxygen gone! All the birds and squirrels homes gone!

How sad that we are so callous about nature, that which keeps us all alive!

Can’t we appreciate the trees and shrubs as God intended them to be? Yes, trim the wayward branches when required and those that are on the verge of breaking, but don’t hack them to the point where no one can recognize what type of tree or shrub they are.

Nature knows best, keep it that way!


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