We have all been there. Stuck in the same place, in a rut. Why do we do this? Is it fear to move on, not knowing which way, how, what? We feel secure in the rut, even though we know we need to move on, even though we know this is not the way to be. Get out, get up and do!

Do what? Sometimes we struggle to find the next step. Where, what, how? Do you just pick something and go with it? What does your gut say? Put the ego aside, shut those voices up and feel what calls inside. Let the fear go, fear will keep you stuck in your rut and never let you go.

Do you know what makes your heart race with excitement? That is what you follow! Do you not know what makes your heart race? Think of the things you enjoy doing. Think of the things that chase up your emotions. These may be the things you need to follow.

Is it a creative passion you have and dabble in? Maybe it’s time to jump in and create, work on it daily and follow your heart. Is it a particular community issue that keeps recurring that gets your emotions revved? Research the issue and see how you can get involved in resolving it. Volunteering maybe? It could lead to new insights that open doors for you.

If you try one thing and it doesn’t work out, don’t despair! Try a different avenue. Keep at it until you feel your heart sing. Feel your gut instinct guide you. It never lies! It is inner guidance showing you the way. There are many options available, explore them all, find the one that resonates with you.

Get yourself going, get up and out there! Find that thing that is calling you. Once you begin, the synchronicities start to unfold and doors begin to open. If you find doors closing, that was not the one, turn around and look for the new door, the new inspiration. Never give up!

Keep searching, keep trying, keep creating. It is out there, waiting for you. You will find it! Don’t give up, don’t see closed doors as failures. They are just not your doors! Keep going, the doors with your name will be there, they will open up to new highs, new passions, new life.

Get out of the rut, go do it, never give up!


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