We all fall into the same hole at some time or other. Some of us get stuck there. We have that bully in our lives that shuts us up and we are too afraid to speak up.

NO! Stand up for yourself and speak out!

You are not anyone’s doormat.

We all have those moments with friends, bosses, spouses ….. that make us feel worthless and insecure. They may treat us badly on a regular basis or we may have an argument that makes us feel insignificant. They may inadvertently make us feel this way. We need to show them how we feel. We need to teach them who we are. We need to explain our boundaries and desires.

Don’t be aggressive by shouting and fighting, that will get you nowhere. It will only anger the person you are trying to communicate with. Don’t be passive aggressive either and push your feelings down by saying all is well with a fake smile on your face. That does not benefit either of you.

Get up and be strong!. Talk to the person that is treading you your toes. Let him know you have boundaries that should not be crossed. Tell them gently how you feel, don’t point fingers and accuse. Just speak what is in your heart. They will listen and understand if it comes from your heart. Explain your boundaries, explain your desires. They need to know! They need to understand.

Be gentle and they will listen.

Avoid conflict by being open and gentle. Avoid fear by stating your truth kindly. Avoid hurt by opening up and explaining what they do to tread on your toes and how you would like them to give you your space. It is your right to live a happy life. It is your right to have harmony and understanding. BUT if you don’t speak up and be assertive, you will remain in that hole. You will remain miserable and resentful and they will keep treating you the same way.

Don’t ever let anyone smother you and your dreams!

Open up, it will be tough at first. You may feel you are going to provoke an argument, but not so! Say what you feel gently. Explain your desires and ask for space. You are entitled to it.

Listen to your heart, feel the tightness when someone steps on your toes. Think about how you feel and how you would like to feel. Step back for a moment and check with yourself. Your inner self will guide you.

Then gently convey how you feel, how they are overstepping the boundaries. Explain your needs and desires. Never accuse and demand. Be gentle and firm.

Watch how things turn around. Watch how they begin to understand who you really are. Watch the new respect come in. See their appreciation of who you are. Feel the new energy.

You will come out that hole. You will be elevated into a new high of love and understanding. You will feel yourself blossom and shine. You will see a new energy shine from your soul. Grab it, claim it, you deserve it!

You are your own person with your own dreams and desires. You deserve to live that life.

Fly and be happy!


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