Blame Game

So what is this business of blaming everyone in our past for our faults and failures today? I have done this, just as everyone else has and will keep doing.

My Mom this and my Dad that. The teacher this and the ex that? We pass the buck to them all and sit back and say we can’t do anything because of all that. Can’t fix it, can’t do it, I give up, why bother……


Time to get off that fat ass and do something positive about it.

Time to forgive and let go of all the past drama and leave it there, in the past. We can’t keep digging it up. It is done and can’t be undone. It is over!

Reflect on it all and see what you have learned from it. What lessons you can carry forward, and create something bigger and better than you ever dreamed of. It can be done! It will hurt looking at it all again one last time, but look with your heart wide open. See at it all as done and dusted. Take the lessons and formulate your path forward.

It will be hard at first, but once you feel the freedom of letting each little thing go, you will want to do more and more! Every little bit forgiven makes you soul lighter. It doesn’t mean you must forget, just forgive! Soon you will be flying as high as a kite.

All these lessons happened for a reason. They were put there to make you stronger. Keep your introspection light and positive, and you will see the beauty of the lesson. You will see how you can carry it forward to what you are looking to achieve now. You will understand how all those things will mold a positive and confident person.

Have courage and tackle it now! Make it happen, you will feel wonderful, and a new confident person will emerge. You will be free to live the life you always wanted, without any baggage pulling you down.

Don’t give up! Keep at it, you will see…



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