So another senseless mass killing. What the fuck is going on? Is it all set up to instill fear? If so, don’t they care about the people that die and their families left behind? Or is it a sign of society today. People resorting to violence for what ever reason the think noble?

It is all so fucked up! It makes people feel hopeless, sad, angry, fearful….. Is that the agenda of all the powers that be? Is it the warmongers looking to create fear, to spend more money on wars that are so futile? All because of their greed for wealth? That is a very sad state of affairs. It is very hard to keep positive in all of this.

We are working to a new world of peace, love and harmony. They are trying to kill it.They will kill us all, the planet, everything – to what end? They will have nothing to spend their fake money on, they will just die surrounded by the desolation they have created. For nothing!

Time to educate the people, show them it is time to ignore the media that constantly bombards us with war and fear. It is time to spread our love and light to everyone. Time to stand together hand in hand. All colour, all race, all religions, all of humanity! Stand together as one and light up the world.

Together we can push aside the darkness and subdue the negative energy. Together we can build a world of peace and love.

No more hate, no more fear, no more broken people and broken families from futile wars. Bring back the laughter, replace the tears. Bring back the life we were meant to live – a world of peace and harmony.

Stand tall

Stand strong

Stand together

Be love


War is over, if you want it – John Lennon


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