How do they evaluate earnings of an individual? Who makes the decisions? The earnings of the physically and mentally challenged, nurses and teaches as opposed to sportsmen, politicians, doctors, lawyers …?

What makes sportsmen, politicians, doctors etc so special that they warrant such high salaries and others don’t? Surely teachers and nurses are essential in our communities and should get better earnings than they do? Why do they regard the challenged folk not worthy of a decent salary? Are they not fulfilling a need in the community? Just because they are challenged does not mean they are inferior, look at Stephen Hawking for example!

I don’t begrudge the sportsmen earning a good salary, they work hard at their game, BUT look at the craftsmen and tradesmen, look at the essential service a teacher and nurse give to society. Why does a doctor earn so much and a nurse so little? Why do teachers earn so little when they work the longest hours of all?

Teachers and nurses are, in my mind, are the most essential people to the community. We can do without the sportsmen but we can’t do without teachers and nurses. Doctors provide an essential service by diagnosing and operating, but without the nurses to back them up, the rest of us are sunk, we can’t provide ICU care by ourselves and the doctors certainly don’t have the time. So why do the doctor’s get more than the nurses?

Our teachers educate our children and help us give them the foundation for their life ahead. Yes, many people home school, but most of us are working day jobs to put food on the table. We don’t have time to spend educating our children, nor do we have patience and knowledge required of a teacher. Not all of us are good at math and science!

Our teachers spend long hours at home preparing lessons, marking assignments and tests, over and above their hours at school. Surely they deserve a better salary than they get? Surely they are worth more to society than a football player or race car driver?

It is time to turn the tables on the structure of society. Time to put our priorities into perspective. Let the politicians, sportsmen and “celebrities” come down to earth and earn what the rest of society earns. Time to elevate the status of those that are important, like the teachers and nurses.

Why do we revere the societal celebrities that spend their days primping and preening, dressed up to the nines and flaunting their wealth? They are no better than the rest of humanity. A designer dress is no better than an outfit from a clothing chain store. Why do we make these distinctions and elevate these people when we should be elevating those that perform essential services to us.

Even the farmers are struggling to make a living. Without them we don’t get our “daily bread”. Yet we have the greedy wealthy Monsanto types trying to control them and pulling in all the profit for themselves, leaving the farmers with next to nothing.

Society is skewed and it is time to put this right. Wake up people, it is time to make a change.


Opting Out

What makes people opt out of society? Some do the most drastic thing and take their lives and some just wander off and disappear.

I remember someone telling me about his son who had disappeared one day. He said he was going to the bank but never came back. He showed me his sons photograph on a missing person’s flyer he carries in his car. His son married a foreign lady who fell pregnant and became quite demanding. I think he initially felt sorry for her plight in her country of origin and wanted to help her, but he couldn’t keep up with her expenses and demands, so he left! I remembered the photograph and I swear I saw him one day, a homeless scruffy guy wandering the streets.

Robin Williams departure I think is one of the most shocking for his fans. What happened in his life? We will never know.

I believe we all think about opting out at some time or other. I know many times I felt I could just walk out the door and keep walking. What keeps us from doing something so drastic, what keeps us going and turning it all around? I guess it is our faith, our love for our family, our understanding that life has cycles and when we are down, there is only one way and that is up!

Again I say, we need to listen to our instinct, trust in our messages from our higher self and keep positive. Even when we can’t see a way through, we must trust that all will be well. What we think and say is what will manifest. God listens very closely to what we say and brings it to us.

If we constantly spout out negative thoughts, that is what we will manifest – ‘I am useless’ ‘I just can’t do it’ ‘I am a failure’ ‘If only I had more money/time…’ We have free choice and that is a choice.

The important thing is to keep our thoughts and words positive. God is listening! ‘Thank you for my new job/car/house….’ ‘I am perfect for the job’ ‘I am abundant’ ….

Keep giving the universe the greatness you believe you are and soon you will be living it. It may seem weird at first, but keep at it and soon you will feel lighter and happier. Things will start flowing your way and you will be living your dream.

Opting out is not an option and yes, I do understand that there are situations where a person has gone beyond the point of return. BUT, before you get anywhere near that point, tell the universe how great things are. Get out there and start creating what you seek. Thank the universe for all your success and abundance.

Life would be so good if we all lived that way!

True friends

We all have a wide circle of friends, people we socialize with, have fun with. We laugh and share stories, raise our kids together and watch the changes in our lives. It is great to have this circle to share with, but how many of them are our true friends, those that stick with us through thick and thin? Let some misfortune come your way and you quickly find who the loyal friends are.

How many of them can we bear our souls to? I have one true friend. We can tell each other anything and everything. We can cry together and laugh together. The others I am guarded with. I am careful what I say and how much I reveal. Through lessons learned when I was young, I test the waters by sharing something trivial and see how far it goes. Will it be kept close or spread far and wide. It is sad to think we need to do this, that we feel we cannot trust those in the wide circle of friends.

Some time ago I made a new friend and felt this could be my second special friend. I wanted to have another special someone close by, as my dearest friend is far away on another continent. I cannot just call her at any time to chat. My new friend and I shared a lot, though I did not reveal too much. After all, this was a new friendship.

So things didn’t work out and I got shunned. Sadly this person wasn’t as open as I had hoped. What I shared, commented and advised was sifted and sorted and soon the discard pile became too big for her and she moved on. She wasn’t prepared to discuss any further or work through it. I was only too happy to listen and learn from her, after all, this is how we grow.

So what is a true friend then? To me it is someone that can listen to you, cry and laugh with you, where you can be there for them when they need you. Someone who will listen to advice and comment back without offense given or taken. Someone that is not intimidated by you and can give it all back at you, knowing you will assimilate it, and still you love each other.

True friendship will endure all storms that, between you, usually last only a few minutes! You can move on with the same warm feelings toward each other and know that trust will always be there.

How wonderful it would be if all the world was true and trusting. Everyone sharing and caring with love for each other. I pray for the day this will be, the day when all hate and distrust has passed, war ended and peace reigns.

Gut instinct

When you have a dilemma, how do you try solve it? Chat to friends, make pro and con lists? Listen to your gut? Your gut instinct is your inner voice. It shows you the way, it gently directs you to your right path to what you ought to be doing. Use it for  small matters and life decisions.

I remember spending the day looking at houses that were open to view. I had my list and headed out. All went well until I had one more to look at. My gut shouted out to me “Go home now, it is enough” but I persisted, after all it was just one more! So as I was parking my car at the last house, I hit something and got a flat! I was warned not go to, I should have listened!

So listen to your inner voice, it knows!

You may be trying to decide between 2 jobs offers. Ask your gut which is right. Ask about one and feel what comes from inside, then ask about the other and feel what comes. Trust what comes to you. You could get a feeling of dread or something does not feel good. You know that is not the choice to make. You may feel calm and happy, that is the one!

Even when it seems totally weird, like changing your regular route. You may get a notion not to go down a particular road. Follow that instinct, don’t go! You probably will never know why, but trust your gut. It knows. It is your higher self watching over you, guiding you, keeping you safe.

Too many people have forgotten to do this, get too caught up in their techie world. Mishaps occur that could have been avoided, opportunities lost, new friends that could have been made get missed. In everything in your life, listen to your instinct.

If you are stuck in a difficult situation and feel desperate, take time to stop and connect to your higher self. Ask if you should walk away. Feel the response and act on it. You will feel like the weight of the world has been lifted. New doors will open and life will become happier. Trust your gut even if you don’t see the end result or the benefit of resolution straight away. It will all fall into place in good time.

How many of you have listened to your gut instinct when meeting a new person and the first impression makes all the alarm bells go off inside you, warning you to avoid them. It is easy to lose track of it when nothing happens for a while, even if some years may go by.

I have experienced it a couple of times, that first meeting where I recoiled from the person, felt that negative energy emitted by them.  When I mentioned it to others, they though I was crazy, “No, he/she is so nice, how can you say such a thing?” The feeling persisted every time I saw them and I waited, not saying anymore. Years down the road these people ‘proved’ themselves and all was revealed. Such a shock to others and totally expected by me. I listened to my instinct. I was cautious with those people.

Play close attention to what come to you. It can save you a lot of heartache and trouble. Your gut instinct is a valuable tool to you, no matter what or who, no matter if others think you are crazy, be aware and keep your focus. This is the way to bring harmony to your life. You will be happy and abundant, your health will improve and the world will feel like a better place.

In love and light

Toxic environment

Look around you. Look at the shelves in the store. Almost every product you see has harmful chemicals in it. From detergents to bugs sprays. We use them daily. Not only is it harming our health, but it is harming the environment too.

We wash them down the drain and they get circulated in the system. Sewers ‘clean’ the water with more chemicals and send it back to our homes for use. We use weed killers and bug sprays. All those toxins go into the soil. Farmers use them and the plants draw them up along with the water they need and they become contaminated. We eat them, the animals eat them. It is a dirty cycle of toxicity round and around.

Then we have the chemtrails. Many don’t believe they are harmful. The sky is streaked with toxins pumped out of the planes. It spreads into a haze and slowly sinks down to the earth. We breath it, aluminum particles, barium, radioactive thorium, dessicated blood, mold spores, fungus, just to name a few. We develop respiratory problems and the animals and plants suffer too.

So when we get ill from all these toxins, what do we do? We run off to the doctor and he prescribes medication to ‘heal’ us. What is in these medications? More chemicals! It is no wonder we have new crazy ailments that didn’t exist a few generations ago. Our children are suffering, our elders are suffering, we are suffering, as are all animals and plants.

It is time to put an end to all of this. Time to take the natural route. A little research and you will be amazed at how easy it is to keep our environment clean and toxin free. It is time to say no to GMO food, to toxic medication and cleaning supplies. It is time to claim a clean earth and restore the balance. Time to live clean and healthy.

Get out there and make a difference. You and your loved ones deserve it! We need to think of the future generations and not leave them a legacy of toxic soup.

Check the website by Gwen Olsen. http://www.GwenOlsen.com Listen to what she has to say – she has worked for big pharma and she knows how serious the problem is. Take note and make the changes in your life and those around you. Go to the health shops and research the natural products and remedies, they are so much better for you and your environment.

In love and light

Nature’s clean-up

Have you noticed how nature cleans up the environment? The ocean waves wash debris onto the beach. The wind blows smoke away and disperses it.

Look at the animals around in nature. In Africa, for example, when lions make a kill and they feast until they are done, until the whole pride is fed. The hyenas and jackals come in and take their share. The vultures come and take their share. The insects that live off carrion come in and clean up. All that is left is bits of the skeleton that slowly weather away with the wind and rain. The bush is left clean.

Look around your backyard. Watch the ants clean up the dead insects. They carry them off to be consumed in their colony. I once watched, over a period of time, how the ants cleaned up a dead bird. Bit by bit, day by day, there was less and less of the bird until there was only a little pile of bones.

Fallen leaves from the trees slowly break down and become mulch in the soil, providing the necessary minerals for future generations of all plants. You will find more and more earthworms, wood lice and other critters helping this process as the soil is slowly enriched. Don’t rake up and blow away all the fallen leaves, the earth needs them to replenish and renew. Nature left to her own devices keeps a pristine planet. Everything is in perfect harmony. We will not need chemical fertilizers anymore.

Humanity has forgotten all this. We pollute and plunder the earth, not caring for the damage we create. Yes we have sewage cleaned and recycled, but at what cost? The chemicals used in the process contaminate the water and the earth, the plants and us!

We manufacture plastic and metal goods that get discarded in a dump somewhere. We litter the streets. There was a time we built things to last, to be used for many years until they failed completely. Today we live in a throw-away society. Always looking for the next best thing and discarding the perfectly good one we have. I-phones, I-pads, cars, the list is endless. Have you seen the pictures of vast tracts of land filled with useless airplanes and cars? Why are they not recycled, metal melted down and reused? Why does it just lie there?

Just look around in the streets. Litter everywhere. Some places worse than others. Nature cannot recycle these things in a natural timely way. Bottles can lie in the same place for years without changing, without disintegrating and decomposing. Our modern inventions are not compatible to Gaia’s cycle. We are not recycling and reusing to make the load less. We just create more and more. Mountains of trash everywhere. Floating islands of trash in the oceans, killing and maiming the animals who are just trying to survive and live in harmony with Gaia.

We need to reassess and review our actions. We need to save the earth and ourselves. All the pollution in the air from exhaust fumes to factory smoke to radiation. All the pollution in the earth from spraying bugs in the garden to chemical dumps to fracking. Our environment is suffering from our careless actions. It is now time to stop, review and correct all our mistakes. We need to restore our earth so our descendents have something worthwhile to inherit. A safe place to live. A healthy lifestyle in harmony with all.

Please take the time to check your actions at home and away. How can you help restore your personal space? How can we, together, restore our beautiful home that is Gaia? She will die if we do not take care of her.


Recently I watched a video of a cat welcoming a dog home from a long stay at the vet. He was so happy to see his friend come home. He hugged him and wouldn’t let go. It was beautiful to see.

There are a lot of situations like that popping up on the social media lately. I keep saying that the animals are teaching us to love each other regardless of our differences. We are all one, one in God the Creator. Even the predators are seen helping those that normally are their prey!

This is a lesson to us. Time to stop wars, gangs, xenophobia, racialism – the list goes on… We humans need to wake up! Remember we are here on this planet together, to live and share together. It is one home for us all. Gaia is our mother and she cares for us and cherishes us equally – all creatures great and small, all plant life, flower and weed.

What exactly are weeds? They are part of the whole, part of the system, part of us. They are not disgusting things to be yanked out the ground and thrown away. Who deemed to call some plants weeds and not others? They deserve a place on this planet just as any other plant.

For that matter, why do we single out some insects and animals and call them pests and vermin? We have pushed all of nature out of our path of civilization. We have created our concrete jungles without a thought for the nature we have pushed aside. When the animals and plants try survive in this environment we created, we label them and destroy them.

Are we not the intruders on their environment? Are we not the vermin? What gives humans the right to destroy on such a grand scale and deem it progress and civilization? Nature is far superior to anything we create. Nature is in true balance when given the chance. Nature knows how to provide for all without discrimination. Like the trees of different species in the forests that work together to create harmony and share their bounty and knowledge.

The time has now come for man to right the wrong. For the greedy to share and the haters to love. People everywhere are calling for peace and harmony. People want change. It is time, time to step out of our comfort zone, of the box that is society and move forward to a better life for all. We can all do it, be brave, be bold and stand up for what is right for the whole planet – Gaia and all that live on her.

Time to show love and compassion to everyone around us. We are all walking the path back to the Divine. Love and accept each one, we all have our own way of getting there. Show love and compassion. Give a helping hand where you can. Even just a little smile can change the day for someone out there.

Change your thoughts from all negativity. This only puts negativity out into the universe. What you think you manifest. Change your thinking. Show gratitude every day when you awaken and when you go to sleep. Smile often. Every positive thought and action changes the energy around you. It lightens everything and everyone. Soon everyone will be more positive and the energy will rush out across the planet and bring love to all. With love we can succeed in ending all war, all gangs, all racialism ….

With love and compassion the world and all who live on her will thrive.