Community and co-operation

Have you ever sat and watched ants at work? Always busy marching back and forth. They range out looking for food in different directions. When the find something, like a dead insect or mouse for example, they leave a chemical message, a signal for the others telling them where the food is. The other ants quickly follow the trail to the find and they start the long task of taking it tiny bit by tiny bit, back to the colony. This is food for all, the ants that watch the development of the eggs, those that guard the colony, the queen etc. (The guards of the nest, or soldier ants as they are called release formic acid as a warning of impending danger to the colony when they sense a danger). Everyone in the colony shares, they work as a team for the good of all.
What can we learn from this? Do people work for the good of all? Some will say its communist thinking but many societies work on this scheme and are successful. You won’t find the mega rich and the terribly poor. All is shared as much as possible. One man’s skills will help another who doesn’t have that skill and in turn he will use his skills to help others.
Bee colonies work in the same way as ants do. They alert their hive to a good source of pollen and nectar. They do a dance in the hive which tells the others what direction and how far. The bees help the plants pollinate so new seeds can develop and grow new plants. Without the bees help, these plants will die out and become extinct. Many of our food crops are reliant on the bees. We need to protect them, stop spraying insecticides that kill them!
Many of the insects considered pests are important in the ecological cycle. Every little bees is important to the survival of our earth. The insecticides are very dangerous and soak inot the soil. The plants draw up water and nutrients from the soil and at the same time, they draw up the toxic insecticides. We then eat the crops and contaminate our bodies. We create illness where none should be!
There are natural ways to control insects in our environment. We just need to learn which plants repel which insects and plant them alongside our crops. No insects are harmed, they just go elsewhere. No crops are harmed and we get to eat healthy food.
So remember this before you grab the bug spray. You are about to spray toxin into your air and garden. You and your loved ones will breathe it all in and become ill. You, your children and your pets will play in the garden and be affected by the toxins. Think carefully about what you do to your environment.
Catch the bugs in your home if you don’t want them there. Take them outside and release them. They are far more use to you and the environment outside. Nature takes care of itself very well. We do not need to contaminate and destroy. That just puts the whole system out of balance. So many beautiful butterflies for example have died off and become extinct because of our careless spraying. We spray for mosquitoes and destroy hundreds of other useful insects at the same time. If we left the spiders alone in the garden, they would eat up all the mosquitoes and pesky bugs. They are a great benefit to us and yet we slap them to death when we see them. We take their environment away and then proceed to destroy them claiming they are invading our space. We are meant to protect the earth and its creatures – that is the creator –God’s wish for us. Take care of all life and the earth. After all we are all one with God and one in God. We are the caretakers of all life on our beautiful living planet.
Take some time out in nature, look for the ants busy at work. Watch how they move an insect back to their nest. They all seem to be pulling and pushing in different directions yet the insect is slowly moved closer and closer to the colony. This is how we all connect to the Divine. Each on our own path. It may seem strange to others, how we approach our ascension. Yet we all are working to the same result, in the same direction. We all get there eventually, each in our own way..

So remember, never criticize anyone’s belief, that is their way, their path. Your path may seem just as strange to them. Yet our goal is the same. This applies to all religions too. No matter which religion you follow, if any. We all believe in the same God, we all believe in his goodness. We all believe ware going back to source, we are just all doing it in our own way.
Watch the ants walking along their path. Every now and then they stop and interact with each other. Our paths also bring us together from time to time, to share our experiences and knowledge we have gained. Together we learn, we convey new information to each other. It may be something we have been looking for, to answer some question we have. We may bring some healing to another just by being kind and sharing our truth and love. Help one another, be an inspiration to someone, even just a smile can make all the difference in someone’s day.


Environmental Change

Have you too become involved in all forms of ‘saving the environment’ issues, signing petitions, going on marches and the like? I’m not knocking it, it do it too!

Yes, it is a terrible shame that our beautiful animals are being poached and hunted to extinction and yes, it is terrible that our forests are being chopped down to nothing. This is all detrimental to our environment and the survival of all living things on this earth.

Over and above all the man made chaos, there is the natural evolution of the earth. We need only to look back at the ice ages and extinction of the dinosaurs as examples of the natural cycles in the earth history and evolution. Gaia is doing what she needs to do regardless. Think of all the wooly mammoths and sabre tooth tigers and imagine how devastating their loss was, as all other creatures that have died out over the ages. We too are part of this cycle and we too are witnessing the evolution of the earth. So many animals and plants are now extinct that man has seen in recent history, like the dodo for example.

If you look at  the geological history of Africa, you will understand how things change and will always keep changing. The Sahara Desert was once a fertile place with rivers and lakes, grasslands and many wonderful animals like the hippo and giraffe. This was the time of the ‘African Humid Period’  some 5000 – 6000 years ago. There is even evidence of water erosion on the Sphinx. Then there was a sudden change with the abrupt increase in dust emissions in the area that scientists cannot yet explain. We now have a vast desert extending across northern Africa

The Karoo in South Africa some 250 million years ago was an inland sea. There is fossil evidence of sea shells and fish in the Karoo and even dinosaurs.This gradually changed and dried to swampland when many well know African animals like lions, hyena, elephant and springbok roamed. Today the Karoo is a semi desert, named by the Khoisan, meaning ‘the place of great dryness’. The Bushmen and Hottentots lived in this area until the Bantu tribes and white settlers arrived.

If you look into the Caspian Sea area, the water complex of the  Black Sea, linking to the Caspian Sea and the Aral Sea. There is evidence that there were vast waterways linking these great seas that were used by merchants and by Alexander the Great at the time of his conquests. Today the Aral Sea is almost all dried up and the waterways are dusty arid landscapes. Even the Caspian Sea is slowly dying, the fish are not as abundant as before.

So is our issue of global warming and climate change today any different to those previous changes? Granted human development and misuse of fossil fuels etc are a big factor in these changes and the dinosaurs were wiped out by an asteroid strike. There is always some disaster that preludes change it seems, like the ice ages and the sudden dust emissions in the Sahara. This time it is man made. Maybe some previous disasters were created by some previous civilizations we don’t yet know of.

There is talk of a coming mini ice age where the weather will get colder. It will not be as invasive as the huge ice ages that covered vast areas of the earth. It will just get much colder. This will prelude a regeneration of life on the planet. Coral reefs will regenerate themselves and new fish species will appear. A new phase in Gaia’s cycle is coming. This has been taught by Kryon, channeled by Lee Carroll. A new beginning for the earth and all living on her.

So maybe we should not stress so much about the changes that are occurring. Yes it is sad to see species disappear forever, but there is a promise of new life, as it always has been through the ages.

Trust and believe

Ducklings in a drain

On my way home from the shops I saw a duck with a baby standing next to a drain on the side of the road.  I stopped because I knew she had more down the drain. Done this before and managed with one other lady to get them out. This time the drain cover is too heavy to lift. I had to call 911.

You will be amazed at how many people drive and walk by laughing at the situation. They didn’t even bother to stop and ask if I need help. Eventually after about 20 minutes one guy stopped. He saw me trying to keep mamma duck from crossing into the road. The drain cover was too heavy for him too, mission impossible without tools.

Shortly after the public services arrived. The told us they have it in hand, we can leave now. So we did. I hope mamma duck gets all her babies back. There were about 8 of them down there.

I can’t believe how many people just couldn’t be bothered. If we don’t care for the little stuff, how can we fix the big stuff?

The Matrix

Are we living in the matrix?

More and more each day new gadgets are produced and people charge in to the shops to grab them. They adore them and revere them. They are quick to discard the old ones that they just so recently revered. How is it than man has become so fickle?

Humanity has lost touch with reality, with the beautiful world around them, with the Creator-God. Watch how they have their eyes glued to tiny screens and ears plugged with ear plugs, listening to everything but what is happening around them. They don’t look around anymore to enjoy the sun, the trees, the birds, the breeze, the rainbow!

I recently sat in a garden restaurant with friends, enjoying a great meal and conversation We were under the trees, enjoying the warm sun and cool breeze. We could hear the birds singing and the river flowing, it was beautiful! Nearby sat a young couple with their eyes locked, not on each other, but on their devices. They didn’t speak, when they paused from their texting, they stared into space, not looking at each other. What was the point of going out together? They were not interacting with each other or their environment.

We have become so wrapped up in this gadget culture and become blind to the world that is crying out to us for help. We have caused havoc everywhere. Nature is in jeopardy, the forests are being destroyed and the oceans polluted. The rivers are dying and the earth is being torn apart by fracking. We take no notice, our gadgets are far more important!

It is time to wake up from this stupor. Let go of the fake ‘reality’ and look around. The animals need our help, the forests need our help. Mother earth needs our help or all will be destroyed and we cannot survive on gadgets. Without our earth working in harmony, we are lost.

Thankfully many are waking up. Many are begging for change. They see what needs to be done. Their voices are few, yet powerful. We all need to rise up with them and stand up for change.  Demand change. Bring back our pristine world so we can all live in harmony together. A safe world where we are all one in love and light. We are one with the Creator-God. Just as the ant and bee colonies stand together, so must humanity stand together and work for the survival and prosperity of all.


animal cruelty

I just saw another picture of cruelty to animals.A young boy that killed a 200 year tortoise by sawing its head off. He looked so pleased with himself. My heart broke.

It is shameful that parents are not teaching their children to love and respect animals and all of nature around them. Have we really lost touch so badly?

It is so important to teach our kids that all animals have feelings too. They too are part of the Creator-God, just as much as we are. All animals and plant life carry a spark of the creator, making us all one with God. How can anyone destroy something that is part of themselves? All of creation is part of each and every one of us. We all are one.

Respect all, love all. This is the only way that we are going to create a beautiful world for all to share….

Today I am sooo sad

Get in touch with nature

When last did you sit down on the lawn? A real lawn! or sit against a tree? Go and sit on a lawn and feel the energy of the earth below you. Feel it surge up and into you.

I once did a meditation to feel the energy coming up though the earth. I stood barefoot on the grass and focused on the energy coming up through my feet. It was a wonderful pulsing surge, so gentle. With focus on my aura that spreads down into the earth, I walked forward slowly and concentrated on the motion of my aura thought the earth. It moved smoothly, without any hindrance. I then stepped onto a strip of concrete and did the same thing. I could feel my aura dragging through it, it was pulling behind me, snagging on the concrete. It was a very unpleasant feeling indeed.

We have blocked much of the earth energy with our roads and concrete buildings in the big cities. Gaia cannot get the energy through to us easily and quickly. It is no wonder we have become stuck and lost the love and compassion for the earth, for all creatures, for each  other!

When last did you hug a tree? I know people make fun of the tree huggers, but have you tried it? Have you felt the energy, the love? Even if you just place your hand on a tree trunk with the intent of feeling the energy, it is enough. You will feel the gentle surge of energy flowing in the tree, the life blood that brings nourishment to all its parts. You can feel a consciousness there, love for the earth and the  Creator-God. Just sitting against a tree and asking for healing will bring you a loving calm you never imagined possible.

It breaks my heart when I see healthy trees chopped down, even trimmed. It’s like cutting off one of your limbs . It is stressful for the tree, traumatic. We are quick to pull down and destroy, not thinking of the harm we are causing.

It is time to become one with nature again. Go sit on a lawn and enjoy the energy. Take a close look at the blades of grass, the roots below. You will find some amazing things there. Little bugs running around, going about their business. They clean up, aerate the soil, eat dead matter. You will find all manner of beasties – ants, beetles, spiders – they are all there, part of the wondrous system that is nature. Become part of it, feel it, experience it.

Then go examine the trees, see the bugs that live there, under the bark, in little niches all over the trunk and branches. You may even find a pupa of a butterfly in the making. The quiet stage of metamorphosis from caterpillar to butterfly. Nature is quietly doing its magic and we don’t even notice. Look at the birds and squirrels in the trees. They too have their part in the beautiful cycle. They eat the bugs and seeds of the trees. They spread the seeds around so new trees can grow. Watch and see the magic unfold.

Hold a leaf in your hand without plucking it off the plant. Feel how cool it is, feel the energy of it. The wonderful cycle of taking in carbon dioxide, which is toxic to us and important to them, to create oxygen through the process of photosynthesis, and release it into the air so we can breathe it and live. Without this cycle, without leaves on the trees and plants, we won’t be able to get the oxygen we need and we could die.

We need to love and preserve all plant life. Our natural forests are vital to the stability of the earth. The senseless destruction of the Amazon forest and others forests around the world, are killing all the animals that live in them, from insects to large cats and apes. It will kill us too if the oxygen levels become depleted.

Think about it! Go and get in touch with nature again. Go feel the earth and the life living on her. Feel the love and peace that comes from Gaia. You will soon realize we need to do something urgently to ensure the survival of all creatures.

Go hug a tree today.


I watch the dramatic natural forces occurring and I feel Gaia is purging and healing herself. It is a difficult process to watch, many people lose their lives as do animals that cannot escape. The recent earthquake in Nepal was devastating. The fires on the mountains in Cape Town particularly had my attention as I love Cape Town and have many wonderful friends there. My heart aches to see Gaia ache. The baby seals coming shore in California, thin from hunger, the whale washed up on the beach near San Francisco, the list is endless.

Human development, I believe, is partly to blame for Gaia’s purge. We have raped and pillaged the earth of her minerals and life blood. We have burned and cleared her life giving forests and and hunted her beautiful animals to extinction.

The Creator – God gave us the earth to love and cherish. To care for all the beautiful creations around us, preserve and maintain. We have forgotten our mission here and have done the exact opposite.

It is time to put down our little gadgets that isolate us in tiny little worlds. It is time to leave our phones and I-pads at home and get out into nature. It is time to rediscover our purpose on this earth and help Gaia heal and restore the balance that is meant to be. It is time to find our way back to love and compassion for the earth and all that live here. All plants, animals and humans. Even the minerals and water. It is time to get back to our life purpose and awaken from our civilized stupor. Slowly, together, we can start making a difference in our world. We can help Gaia clean up ad regenerate. This is vital. Gaia is our home and there is no other. The future generations depend on us to leave a peaceful, clean environment, where all life is in harmony and balance.

In love and light