So another senseless mass killing. What the fuck is going on? Is it all set up to instill fear? If so, don’t they care about the people that die and their families left behind? Or is it a sign of society today. People resorting to violence for what ever reason the think noble?

It is all so fucked up! It makes people feel hopeless, sad, angry, fearful….. Is that the agenda of all the powers that be? Is it the warmongers looking to create fear, to spend more money on wars that are so futile? All because of their greed for wealth? That is a very sad state of affairs. It is very hard to keep positive in all of this.

We are working to a new world of peace, love and harmony. They are trying to kill it.They will kill us all, the planet, everything – to what end? They will have nothing to spend their fake money on, they will just die surrounded by the desolation they have created. For nothing!

Time to educate the people, show them it is time to ignore the media that constantly bombards us with war and fear. It is time to spread our love and light to everyone. Time to stand together hand in hand. All colour, all race, all religions, all of humanity! Stand together as one and light up the world.

Together we can push aside the darkness and subdue the negative energy. Together we can build a world of peace and love.

No more hate, no more fear, no more broken people and broken families from futile wars. Bring back the laughter, replace the tears. Bring back the life we were meant to live – a world of peace and harmony.

Stand tall

Stand strong

Stand together

Be love


War is over, if you want it – John Lennon


Blame Game

So what is this business of blaming everyone in our past for our faults and failures today? I have done this, just as everyone else has and will keep doing.

My Mom this and my Dad that. The teacher this and the ex that? We pass the buck to them all and sit back and say we can’t do anything because of all that. Can’t fix it, can’t do it, I give up, why bother……


Time to get off that fat ass and do something positive about it.

Time to forgive and let go of all the past drama and leave it there, in the past. We can’t keep digging it up. It is done and can’t be undone. It is over!

Reflect on it all and see what you have learned from it. What lessons you can carry forward, and create something bigger and better than you ever dreamed of. It can be done! It will hurt looking at it all again one last time, but look with your heart wide open. See at it all as done and dusted. Take the lessons and formulate your path forward.

It will be hard at first, but once you feel the freedom of letting each little thing go, you will want to do more and more! Every little bit forgiven makes you soul lighter. It doesn’t mean you must forget, just forgive! Soon you will be flying as high as a kite.

All these lessons happened for a reason. They were put there to make you stronger. Keep your introspection light and positive, and you will see the beauty of the lesson. You will see how you can carry it forward to what you are looking to achieve now. You will understand how all those things will mold a positive and confident person.

Have courage and tackle it now! Make it happen, you will feel wonderful, and a new confident person will emerge. You will be free to live the life you always wanted, without any baggage pulling you down.

Don’t give up! Keep at it, you will see…



We all fall into the same hole at some time or other. Some of us get stuck there. We have that bully in our lives that shuts us up and we are too afraid to speak up.

NO! Stand up for yourself and speak out!

You are not anyone’s doormat.

We all have those moments with friends, bosses, spouses ….. that make us feel worthless and insecure. They may treat us badly on a regular basis or we may have an argument that makes us feel insignificant. They may inadvertently make us feel this way. We need to show them how we feel. We need to teach them who we are. We need to explain our boundaries and desires.

Don’t be aggressive by shouting and fighting, that will get you nowhere. It will only anger the person you are trying to communicate with. Don’t be passive aggressive either and push your feelings down by saying all is well with a fake smile on your face. That does not benefit either of you.

Get up and be strong!. Talk to the person that is treading you your toes. Let him know you have boundaries that should not be crossed. Tell them gently how you feel, don’t point fingers and accuse. Just speak what is in your heart. They will listen and understand if it comes from your heart. Explain your boundaries, explain your desires. They need to know! They need to understand.

Be gentle and they will listen.

Avoid conflict by being open and gentle. Avoid fear by stating your truth kindly. Avoid hurt by opening up and explaining what they do to tread on your toes and how you would like them to give you your space. It is your right to live a happy life. It is your right to have harmony and understanding. BUT if you don’t speak up and be assertive, you will remain in that hole. You will remain miserable and resentful and they will keep treating you the same way.

Don’t ever let anyone smother you and your dreams!

Open up, it will be tough at first. You may feel you are going to provoke an argument, but not so! Say what you feel gently. Explain your desires and ask for space. You are entitled to it.

Listen to your heart, feel the tightness when someone steps on your toes. Think about how you feel and how you would like to feel. Step back for a moment and check with yourself. Your inner self will guide you.

Then gently convey how you feel, how they are overstepping the boundaries. Explain your needs and desires. Never accuse and demand. Be gentle and firm.

Watch how things turn around. Watch how they begin to understand who you really are. Watch the new respect come in. See their appreciation of who you are. Feel the new energy.

You will come out that hole. You will be elevated into a new high of love and understanding. You will feel yourself blossom and shine. You will see a new energy shine from your soul. Grab it, claim it, you deserve it!

You are your own person with your own dreams and desires. You deserve to live that life.

Fly and be happy!


We have all been there. Stuck in the same place, in a rut. Why do we do this? Is it fear to move on, not knowing which way, how, what? We feel secure in the rut, even though we know we need to move on, even though we know this is not the way to be. Get out, get up and do!

Do what? Sometimes we struggle to find the next step. Where, what, how? Do you just pick something and go with it? What does your gut say? Put the ego aside, shut those voices up and feel what calls inside. Let the fear go, fear will keep you stuck in your rut and never let you go.

Do you know what makes your heart race with excitement? That is what you follow! Do you not know what makes your heart race? Think of the things you enjoy doing. Think of the things that chase up your emotions. These may be the things you need to follow.

Is it a creative passion you have and dabble in? Maybe it’s time to jump in and create, work on it daily and follow your heart. Is it a particular community issue that keeps recurring that gets your emotions revved? Research the issue and see how you can get involved in resolving it. Volunteering maybe? It could lead to new insights that open doors for you.

If you try one thing and it doesn’t work out, don’t despair! Try a different avenue. Keep at it until you feel your heart sing. Feel your gut instinct guide you. It never lies! It is inner guidance showing you the way. There are many options available, explore them all, find the one that resonates with you.

Get yourself going, get up and out there! Find that thing that is calling you. Once you begin, the synchronicities start to unfold and doors begin to open. If you find doors closing, that was not the one, turn around and look for the new door, the new inspiration. Never give up!

Keep searching, keep trying, keep creating. It is out there, waiting for you. You will find it! Don’t give up, don’t see closed doors as failures. They are just not your doors! Keep going, the doors with your name will be there, they will open up to new highs, new passions, new life.

Get out of the rut, go do it, never give up!

Tree Trimming

Recently I saw the arbor guys busy working on the Willow trees in the park. They were hacking off huge branches and leaving thick stumps protruding through the leaves. The poor trees look deformed and unbalanced!

For me, this is a big peeve!

I understand that trees need trimming from time to time, but they don’t seem to plan which branches to take off nor how to do it all without making the tree look ugly. Just look at the trees on the road side. So many are hacked every year to the point they develop gnarly thick lumps with spindly little branches trying to grow out of them. The tree fellers ruin the natural look of the trees and turn them into strange crooked monstrosities. How sad the trees must be to be deformed like that!

For that matter, what is it about ‘garden sculptures’ where people turn beautiful shrubs into twisted stems with leafy pompoms on the ends?  How humiliating for the shrubs and how ugly to look at!

My biggest peeve is that fact that they start the hack in Spring when the trees are coming back to life and pushing out new leaves, shoots and flowers. The birds are busy nesting as are the squirrels and other critters. Along come the tree guys and hack away, destroying the nests and the new life growing there. Don’t they think? Has it not occurred to them that Winter is the time everything is dormant. Surely that is the perfect time, before all the animals start nesting and reproducing?

Are we really so out of touch with nature?

I remember when the space shuttle was taken to LA to its final resting place. Hundreds of trees were chopped right down all along the route from the airport to the designated destination. All those beautiful trees gone! All that valuable photosynthesis and oxygen gone! All the birds and squirrels homes gone!

How sad that we are so callous about nature, that which keeps us all alive!

Can’t we appreciate the trees and shrubs as God intended them to be? Yes, trim the wayward branches when required and those that are on the verge of breaking, but don’t hack them to the point where no one can recognize what type of tree or shrub they are.

Nature knows best, keep it that way!

We are one

Tomorrow is a cousin’s birthday. Funny how close we were all the years of our youth and now never a word! When I was back home recently, I saw another cousin of mine that I wasn’t all that close to. His brother and sister were closer. Yet now he is the one of the 3 that comes through. Wen he called one day, I didn’t recognize his voice and asked who that was. He said “your cousin” and I said ‘which one, I have many” His reply was quite pertinent – “the only one who cares” he said.

That is what it boils down to. Most people are so wrapped up in their own little worlds, they don’t take notice of the world around them. They don’t see what is happening in their own family circles, let alone what is happening on the planet. We only get to see each other when someone gets married or dies. Why not other times? Why not as much as when we were kids and had so much fun?

Are we all so engrossed in our tiny little worlds that we don’t care about the rest? It is no wonder the world is in a mess! We have no time for family, why on earth would we bother with the rest of the world?

They forget that we depend on the world, on Gaia, to sustain us. We depend on each other to share our expertise and talents. We should be a “well oiled functioning machine” all of us together. The world should be a harmonious happy place. A place where we all share and support one another. No greed nor hunger, as John Lennon wrote. We should be one big happy family. After all, we are all one in God. We are all part of the whole.

I guess we can blame so many people and things – the media, the governments, religion, the list is endless. BUT it all comes down to each of us individually. We need to dig down deep and find our hearts. We need to help and support one another, stand together for a peaceful  united world. Just look at the refugee crisis!

Will peace ever come? They say it is darkest before the dawn. Oh my! the world is in a very dark place right now! It feels like we will never achieve the peace and harmony that so many promise.

We all need to shine our light to others and trust that God knows best. We need to ride the storm hand in hand. Support each other through it all. There will be peace, maybe not in the near future, but it will come. We need to stand together – our light dispelling the darkness.

Our light together is stronger than any darkness. We are one with the Creator, we can, we will.

So mote it be

Then and Now

Yesterday I found this piece I wrote at the end of one of my trips home to Jo’burg in 2013.

And so my “holiday” here is drawing to a close. South Africa carries on as always. Little has changed, some new buildings, some more decay. The people are the same, they just accept and carry on. Shrug their shoulders and move on. Some are happy, some are not.

This time around I feel like an outsider. My friends and family are all moving on as we are. We just are not directly part of each others lives anymore. We catch up on news, but the closeness is not as it was. We are drifting apart in some ways.

Even though I know my way around and remember everything, it doesn’t feel like home anymore. I don’t belong here anymore. Paths are diverging and life moves on. Some feel more distant than others. I almost feel lost.

There is only ‘now’, this moment. Every one is doing their now thing and we are not realizing it. The past is gone and just memories remain. We may see some people again, but nothing is or will be the same. That is done and dusted, we are only in the now.

It is almost a feeling of desolation to realize this. Almost a feeling of being lost. You are you in this moment alone. Those around you are in their moment alone. You relate in some way, do things together, yet you are alone in it all. You are you.

Be comfortable in yourself – that’s all there REALLY is! Do for you and be you. You can have intimacy for a moment with someone special and then it is gone. You can feel hate toward someone and then it is gone. People come and go in your life, only you are constant in yourself, and yet you are not! You are only in this moment, past is gone and future does not exist. You can imagine what it may be, but there is no certainty. Just this moment is certain and then it is gone.

Do not dwell on what was. Do not dwell on what may be. Make plans yes! but do not expect it to be reality, it may be, it may not be.

Focus on what lies within, what you feel is right for you. Focus on being happy and content. Focus on love, peace, harmony.